Portrait of our child. Weeks 10-11.


Looking at mama with his loving eyes. And a little bit of a food crumble on his face ūüôā

IMG_6946This is your rising soccer superstar, world.  You better be prepared.


Photo of our child. Weeks 9-10

Just because it’s been so busy in our lives…



“Our blue-eyed treasure”

IMG_6819“This is not a hallway- it’s a toddler’s running track.”

P.S.  This is a final week of studies for me.  Just seven more day and I will be done with my Masters! Cannot wait!


Portrait of our child. Week 7.

“Toddler’s first encounter with the magic of fall”

Yes, I present you with another picture of Danya and the leaves, because there is nothing more precious for me than watching my child discover the wonderful world of nature. ¬†I feel like we humans are quiet disconnected from nature these days and our kids need to spend as much time as possible outside, getting dirty, discovering every little stick, insect and flower. ¬†Danya instantly becomes more calm and attentive when he’s outside, so no matter how hard it is to get him dressed and ready to go out, it’s still worth it to me.

The leaves are fallin’, fallin’ to the ground



The days are shorter and darker so every minute of sunshine that we get, we try to savour. Today was first sunny day in about two weeks. ¬†Even though Hurricane Sandy didn’t do a lot of damage here when compared to coastal cities in US, it was still incredibly rainy and windy. ¬†Even though my goal was always to take Danya outside at least twice a day last week there has been a couple of days that we just stayed in. ¬†And I didn’t feel a bit bad about it.

Danechka is walking now, so it’s so much more fun to be outside with him. ¬†He still wants to hold our hand most of the time, but we don’t mind. ¬†Better hold his hand than chase him around!

He is also talking! Some of his favourites are “To eto?”(What’s this?), “Ti kyda, kyda?”(Where are you going?), “Chika, ti kyda?”(Chika where are you going?”, “Da”(yes), “Papa”(Lamp/Streetlight), “Whooo-oooo”(owl), “Pau”(cat), “Oooof”(dog), and of course “Ti-ti”(boobies) ūüôā

Me and Sasha are in the midst of our studying, I have a month and a half until I finish my masters, and Sasha is almost done half of his internship and will be switching clinics very soon. ¬†It’s chaotic at times, but we’ve got to do it, we have no way out of it but to be strong. ¬†We are really grateful for the help from our family, we really could not manage what we are doing now without them. ¬†Sasha’s mom and grandma and my mom are amazing, they always help when we ask them and it’s so rewarding to watch their relationship with Danya grow and watch him open up to them.

Sending lots of love as usual,


Portrait of our child. Week 6.


Honestly, I have no idea what Danya is thinking in this picture, but everyone can guess what’s in Chika’s mind: “I really hope you’re not planning to touch my tail again! Haven’t you noticed I’m not enjoing it?!”

By the way, Chika and Danya are on good terms now, for which I thank God. ¬†Chika has gotten used to Danya and his ways and is not so cautious about him anymore, knowing he doesn’t mean any harm. ¬†We still always watch the two of them and don’t let them be by themselves in the same room without adult supervision. ¬†I will continue praying for their relationship to get even better and their trust for each other to continue to grow.



Portrait of our child. Week 5.



“My morning smoothie is deeelicious!”

Danya’s favorite smoothie was made from apple, banana, grapes, orange and some blueberries. ¬†Nice and yummy. Just how we like it.

We hope you are staying dry and warm during this hurricane. ¬†Yesterday I went for a walk with Danya and Chika, and Danya’s hands became so cold from the wind, he started crying, so we had to run home as fast as we could. ¬†That was no fun and I’m really thankful for the four walls we have around us, warmness and food.